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Using Barbicide

Most salons have a chemical disinfectant available to show the state board in case of inspection. Most states allow for a spray, which is easier to use during an inspection.

Victory Shear Sharpening recommends a normal daily practice as follows:

  •  • After each haircut, wipe your shears off with a dry towel. Be careful; remember that your shears are very sharp.
  •  • At the end of the day, wash your shears in hot soapy water.
    •      ∘ After washing, dry thoroughly (be careful as the blades are sharp).
    •      ∘ Lubricate with either Diamond Rose Sears Scissors Lubricant or clipper oil.
    •      ∘ Adjust your tension.
    •      ∘ Store the shears in your case. Please keep in mind that state boards are not big fans of keeping shears in cases, but there is no better way to protect them.

In the event that a stylist has a client they are concerned about (i.e. a client brought in a child with head lice and the stylist didn't notice before they started cutting) use the disinfectant spray or a short dunk (no longer than 10 minutes) in Barbicide®, then immediately perform the end of day routine by washing the shears in hot soapy water to neutralize the disinfectant.

Harsh chemicals, such as Barbicide®, will react with the metal and even more so in shears with a high carbon content like the Musashi brand. The chemical bath will most likely cause rusting, pitting, and will rot any ring sizers and washers in your shears. Hot soapy water does actually kill lice, so feel free to use it.

I have seen a pair of shears that a stylist washed in bleach to kill the lice. The bleach actually took chunks of metal out of the blades, completely ruining the shears. Many stylists do not have an issue with the approach listed above - most of them are not doing the Barbicide soak after each haircut anyway. State boards are not focused on what is best for your shears, but rather on what kills lice.

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