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Victory Shear Sharpening
Musashi Shears

I sell Musashi Shears and keep an assortment of 30 on hand with me. There, are of course, more than 30 in Musashi's inventory, I simply carry the most popular. Please browse Musashi's website to see what they have. I am authorized to provide you with an 18 month pay plan. You may notice that on Musashi's website they do not offer an 18 month pay plan. They do this to encourage you to purchase their shears from myself, and other salesmen. The advantage of purchasing directly from me is that I can allow you to take the shears for a “test cut.” Just as you would want to try out shoes before you buy them, or take a test drive in new car, so also you should “test cut” with shears before you buy. This way you can ensure they are exactly what you want and need.

Allow Victory Shear Sharpening to become your resource in not only purchasing new shears, but to keep all the primary tools of your trade in peak condition. Call today for an appointment.
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Steve Wickstrom

Victory Shear Sharpening
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